(Note: Please do not take this article too seriously, if you can have some fun while reading it, that will be more than enough)

From the Editor (a computer phobia)

After much anticipation mixed with nervous excitement, we are here to welcome the official launch of Will Yin’s Blog – Professional Edition! The launch of the blog may come as a surprise, if not a shock, to many people.  For those who know Will, an unadulterated geek, who communicate with the universe in the alien language of codes, attempting human communication – intuitively is bound to be a mammoth task, and for this very reason, he deserves a big round of applause.

It is very plucky of Will to let someone like me, who has a sentimental attachment to pens, ink and paper and naturally resistant to everything “techy”, to write the preface. Let’s face it, hearing the word “IT” makes my heart sink, triggers my anxiety and puts me on edge. Thank you for taking the risk, Will. I will try to maintain my sanity – until my job is done.

So what can we expect from Will’s blog?

I guess it will depend on who you are. Just imagine the blog being an elephant in the room. If you are a fellow geek, you may well find yourself an avatar in Alex’s Wonderland. If you’re a geek in the making, you might find yourself a sugar-craving kid in the candy shop. If you’re a white-hat, black-hat or grey-hat, here is the place where you might find inspirations. However, if you’re a cop, you know where to track those hats. But if you only want to cyber-stalk Will, browsing this blog is doomed to be a futile effort.

You may think today’s Will, wearing the hat of “(Senior) Software Architect (SharePoint)” sitting in his bright office in the trendy location of Neutral Bay Sydney, is enviable. Little did we all know, he has come a long way. Will completed his early education in a small city in the northeast of China, where spoon feeding education was the norm. Although even to this date he is still extremely proud of his abilities to tackle advanced mathematics as well as write literature pieces right before the infamous University Entrance Exam in China, it is self-evident that there is not much of that left in his bag now. University has proven itself to be a struggle for Will too, although not academically. The adverse competition coupled with constant back-stabbing, student politics and the casting couch has taught him everything the society has to offer but his chosen discipline. But with his resilience Will somehow managed to survive again and has even successfully landed himself in a job in “IT” in heart of China. Despite the fact his early career has been anguished by around-the-clock slavery, little did he know at the time that from there and through a chain of future events he would now settle in the other end of the world. The small seed he planted a decade ago has now germinated and grown into a sapling. Looking back, due credit and attributes shall be given to many people, family, friends, enemies and exes, who have walked with him along the way.

Now, with the launching of this blog, Will is ready to pioneer again. It is well understood that the blog’s success dwells on the support of its readers, commentators, critics and needless to say the intellectual input from the blogger. The blog embraces free speech and is designed to be very much interactive, so any constructive and mind-blowing comments and feedback is more than welcome.

Let the conversations begin!

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