Just a very quick tip about fixing two common mistakes, which would make your JavaScript code throw error in some browsers.

Shame Code 1:

console.log(“log some message”);

Never use a naked console.log() as you don’t know if the client browser has debug tool or not.

If the client browser is an old version browser or a mobile browser, it may not have a debug tool, in that case, they will get an error!

How to fix it?
Simply check the availability of the console object before using it, improved code:

if (window.console) { console.log("log some message"); }

Shame Code 2:

$ (".fc-event-inner").popover ({
title: ‘title text here’,
trigger : 'hover',

Noticed the little highlight comma – , behind trigger : 'hover'?

That misplaced comma in an object or array definition will cause an error in IE browsers, specially in IE 7 browsers, I know lots of people do not care about IE7 any more, but this is a very easy fix to make your code work in all different kinds of browsers, why not fix it?

How to fix it?
If a property setting is the last property in an object or array, make sure you have removed the comma ,.

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